Streetfighter ANGEREME aka S/mileage vs. Watanabe Mayu AKB48 JPOP KPOP Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 - Special Part 1


Computer Music Live / Citrusonic is a weekly podcast dedicated to Live Computer Music Performances. This show features Live Underground Jungle, Techno, DNB, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Future, Noise, Synth, Trance, Pop, DJ, Mixing, Battle, Records, Music, Altering, AM, FM, Modulations, Radio, Computer, Harmonies. Thunderous Scratch-Tracks, Techno, Glitches, Old, Skool, Breaks, Ejects, iDose, Chaos and Bass. An hour long podcast of Fresh Original Electronic Dance Music. Menacing Cantus Firmus Basslines, Heavyweight Drums and Synthesizers all LIVE! Computer Music Live is posted every Saturday Night from California, only the hottest Underground Jungle Music is chosen. New podcasts are posted on a weekly basis and up to the minute show information is here and you may also visit for more. Thank you and make sure to tell all your friends to subscribe to Computer Music Live.

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