Citrusonic J1 - Starcraft 2 - Intro Special

Computer Music Live - Summer 2010

Starcraft 2 Special


Epic Intro

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Citrusonic J

Summer Computer Music Live 

Citrusonic J Catalogue begins...

Computer Music Live is a weekly podcast dedicated to Live Computer Music Performances. This show features Live Underground Jungle, Techno, DNB, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Future Synth, Trance, Pop, DJ, Mixing, Battle Music, Altering, AM, FM, Modulations, Radio, Computer Music. Thunderous Scratch Tracks, Glitches and Old Skool Eject Noises. An hour long podcast of fresh original menacing Basslines, Heavy Drums, Synths all live, Computer Music Live is posted weekly from California only the hottest Underground Jungle Music is chosen. New podcasts are posted weekly. Up to the minute show information is posted here and you may visit for more info. Thank you and make sure to tell all your friends to subscribe to Computer Music Live.

Computer Music Live / Citrusonic ®


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