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Computers LIVE is an American Sound Designer and Electronic Musician who makes music using NI Reaktor.

Dec 16, 2012

Computer Music Live

GOSU who created eMusic. I make music using Reaktor, Max/MSP & Computers. My music is on iTunes & I do the podcast called “Computer Music Live” it is a weekly thing I do for fans. I have apps on Amazon, the Apple App Store & the Android Marketplace. I am the...

Dec 3, 2012

Computer Music Live

Citrusonic TRAP

Fall 2012 Final / Get Ready, Winter 2013 is just around the corner. Computer muisc live will be counting down 2012 with some amazing works. We here at Computer Music Live are prepping the most "Amazing Holiday Specials" for the up coming weeks. We've been working so hard that that we...