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DRUM AND BASS | Computers LIVE | BREAKCORE DNB IDM | Neurofunk Lo Fi Jump Up | FUTURE DUBSTEP RIDDIM | Reaktor Live Looping | VAPORWAVE | Electronic Music | INFLUENCER | Ghostwriter Los Angeles CA

Computers LIVE is an American Sound Designer and Electronic Musician who makes music using Reaktor and a really powerful computer.

Sep 10, 2022

DRUM AND BASS NEUROFUNK | Breakcore Dragon AI | LO FI LIQUID TECHSTEP | Future Goku Dnb Edm | FILM ENGINEER | Vaporwave Synthwave | ABLETON BEATS | Dall E AI | SOUND DESIGN NEUROFUNK DRUM AND BASS | Double Dragon Manga Anime Cosplay Breakcore | DRAGON BALL Z | Goku Dnb Idm | TV FILM SOUND ENGINEER | Vaporwave Synthwave...