Computers (LIVE) features the latest Trap IDM and Reaktor DNB Music The heaviest BASS MUSIC in the universe. Drum and Bass / Reaktor Music unlike anything you've ever heard. Amen-Breaks Podcast-Master / Living idol of idols Javier Casas : Otaku Athlete and Reaktor Gosu Champion and Three Time Golden Mouse Winner. There is a weekly podcast of these works!!! Exclusive Dubstep Trap Bass from America. Hidden away in a Los Angeles BASS reinforced building is the Russian Ens. It is offered only through Podcast. Your circuits will be bent once a week. 8bits, eight terabyte gig after gig. Do you like playing Video Games? Well we've stolen the Synthesizer so get ready! EDC HYPERSAWS IDM Are you Professional DJ? Do you like mixing, what about food? OK we've got you covered. L.A Battle Artist has ties to AKB48! Thunderous Scratching. Massive Bassline and 303 & ACID. Up to the minute show information is posted here citrusonic.libsyn.com and you may visit http://fm48.org for my info. Thank you and make sure to tell all your friends to subscribe to Computers (LIVE)

Otaku MaxMSP Reaktor Three TimeGolden Mouse Winner Weekly podcast on iTunes called "Computer Music LiveApp on iOSAndroid, AmazonWindows 8

Computers (LIVE) was recorded in front of a live online audience - catch the stream weekends on Ustream Coming soon to Youtube // Show about #Reaktor #Technology #Science #Music

ANDROID http://www.amazon.com/Wizzard-Media-Computer-Music-Live/dp/B0052UNHKS

PODCAST https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/computers-live-drum-bass-electronic/id286020710?mt=2 

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