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DRUM AND BASS | Computers LIVE | BREAKCORE DNB IDM | Neurofunk Jump Up Techstep | FUTURE LOFI DNB | Reaktor Live Looping | VAPORWAVE | Electronic Music | MIDTEMPO | Ghostwriter Los Angeles CA

Computers LIVE is an American Sound Designer and Electronic Musician who makes music using NI Reaktor.

Nov 29, 2017

During the End War, the Dominion Fleet under Admiral Matt Horner were combined with Mira's Marauders in order to help push back Amon's Forces. The Dominion was unwilling to help the massive flow of refugees. The fleet was ordered to turn away refugee ships arriving in the Core Worlds.Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk took half the fleet to Char, where it engaged the zerg. The battlegroup suffered heavy losses, but with the aid of Raynor's Raiders and a xel'naga artifact the attack succeeded and Kerrigan was made human again. Upon its inception, the fleet's Behemoth-class battlecruisers were retrofitted with Yamato cannons. Some of the older vessels were not upgraded due to cost and limited supply. Shortly after the establishment of the Dominion elements of the fleet traveled to Char due to Sarah Kerrigan's psionic emanations. The fleet was led by General Edmund Duke and contained elements of Alpha SquadronIt engaged zerg and protoss forces in orbit but was defeated. Many ships were either overrun by the zerg or destroyed by the Protoss Expeditionary Fleet that arrived shortly after. With the ground forces suffering disaster as well the fleet fell back from Char, and later another fleet was defeated by the protoss