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DRUM AND BASS | Computers LIVE | BREAKCORE DNB IDM | Neurofunk Jump Up Techstep | FUTURE LOFI DNB | Reaktor Live Looping | VAPORWAVE AI | Electronic Music | MIDTEMPO | Ghostwriter Los Angeles

Computers LIVE is an American Sound Designer and Electronic Musician who makes music using NI Reaktor.

Jun 21, 2016

New podcasts are posted on a weekly basis and up to theminute show information is here andyou may also visit for more. Thank you and makesure to tell all your friends to subscribe to ComputersLive.

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Computers LIVE contains the following features:

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* Quick access to all the contact methods for the show

COMPUTERS LIVE features Underground Ape Music. The hottest BASSMUSIC on the planet. Drum and Bass Tunes / Jungle unlike anythingyou've heard. Amen Breaks Podcast created by the living idol JavierCasas : Strong, tall, Otaku Athlete. a.k.a The Reaktor & MaxMSPGosu & Three Time Golden Mouse Winner. And now there is aweekly podcast of these works. Exclusive Dubstep Trap from thecountry. Hidden away in a Los Angeles studio. It is offered onlythrough Podcast. All circuits will be bent once a week. Eight bitsthru eight terabytes. Do you like playing video games? Well we'vestolen the synthesizer so get ready! ACCESS VIRUS your way to atrance. DJs you like mixing, OK we've got you covered. This L.ABattle Artist has ties with AKB48! Thunderous the meanestscratching of fresh bassline and 303's on steroids. Up to theminute show information is posted here http://citrusonic.libsyn.comand you may visit for my info. Thank you and make sureto tell all your friends to subscribe to Computer Music Live!


(Please note, not all features are available for all episodes.Call-in feature is only available on iPhone but not the iPad oriPod Touch)

Strong, Tall, Otaku Athlete. Reaktor & Max/MSP Gosu.Three Time Golden Mouse Winner. Weekly podcast on iTunes called"Computer Music Live" along w Apps on iOS, Android &Amazon

Computer Music Live / Citrusonic is a weekly podcast dedicatedto Live Computer Music Performances. This show features LiveUnderground Jungle, Techno, DNB, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Future, Noise,Synth, Trance, Pop, DJ, Mixing, Battle, Records, Music, Altering,AM, FM, Modulations, Radio, Computer, Harmonies. ThunderousScratch-Tracks, Techno, Glitches, Old, Skool, Breaks, Ejects,iDose, Chaos and Bass. An hour long podcast of Fresh OriginalElectronic Dance Music. Menacing Cantus Firmus Basslines,Heavyweight Drums and Synthesizers all LIVE! Computer Music Live isposted every Saturday Night from California, only the hottestUnderground Jungle Music is chosen. New podcasts are posted on aweekly basis and up to the minute show information is here and you may also for more. Thank you and make sure to tell allyour friends to subscribe to Computer Music Live.